I’m not sure we need a reminder of what Show Day was like in 2023 but here’s one anyway….The Show crew and Jack Wood are very resourceful but repairing this is probably a challenge too far..!

We have several options; We buy a new one. The Saltash Band are a big part of our Show, in conjunction with the Maypole dancing and they need shelter.

We patch up the old one from what can be salvaged, you can see from the picture that this might be pretty tricky and we don’t want it to be a homage to duct tape….

Last option; Perhaps someone has one in the dusty corner of their shed or garage that they are willing to sell for a reasonable amount, or better still donate to the Village Show Society. It doesn’t need to be pristine necessarily as we still have the bones of the old one and we have some very clever people in our midst. The old one was 6m by 4m

Last year’s Show was very successful but we did take a hit on our reserves and we are already seeing a lot of our costs rising, hence my appeal to the ever generous and resourceful people of Ipplepen.

I can be contacted on 01803 813566 or chairman@villageshow.co.uk

Thanking you in anticipation

Karen Careswell

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